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How is it we can spend a lifetime yearning over something and still have zero idea how it came to be and no notion whatsoever how to replicate it?

And we do, we all do. This plane continues to rattle over the Great Plains. An overhead bin just opened and a suitcase fell on a woman who laughed. The bag was a sort of a duffel and soft, not a suitcase. Maupassant is the only passion of my life. Floors me just thinking about it. The Russian revolution, mayhem in the streets. And I can already hear myself. And life itself is resistance.

Happy Just the Way We Are

How about I put it this way? The Babel character and Raisa hook up on the couch, in the throes of their mutual literary passion. The throes on the couch will always be part of some distant, unreachable youth. I say so to make police worse than they are. Victims were just standing there and pow, cops shot them execution style. What per cent is 47, 69, and 51 of tens of millions of encounters? I would certainly have heard of this. I work there, I read the local paper daily, and have several friends who live there.

After a Kidnapping, a Lifetime of Haunted Regret

It would be a big deal. Not saying that it never happens. My point is that in my own experience — and in all due respect, I have more personal experience with this than probably any poster here, and probably more than the writer himself — an officer shooting of an unarmed innocent or nonviolent potential offender is so rare that though I personally know of over shootings in my 10 years, none of these were officer-on-unarmed-civilian. That is how rare it is, and that is how much more of a problem the urban violence is. Each year, at least one of my middle school students is shot and killed, or has a family member shot and killed.

White costume designer who launched into a racist rant at a California CVS claims she was drunk

No one cares because apparently black lives only matter if white people are involved. They use my Black kids as props and symbols for their own egos. They literally do not care if they live or die, except in a distant theoretical way and then only if a white person hurts them. Otherwise, they can just disappear, to be trotted out only if their narrative supports the Democrats.

Still, the tens and tens of millions of police-public encounters each year prove to us these go off peacefully, even though they may be stressful and at times contentious. The activists have seized on the outliers to fabricate a narrative that this is a common occurrence, one representative of policing. In fact, even though many police officers come from working class origins, and certainly are not controllers of capital and owners of the means of production, the far left states police officers are not part of the working class.

They are its enemy. Police are solidly working class, and so are automatically in contempt on top of the other biases. The white allies of the anti-racist Black spokespeople, such as Coates, are promoting a co-dependency which supports the status quo; it helps the rich white elite and also the rich Black elite, but it does nothing for the students you and I have taught. I wish to thank you for all of this. I fear that we are in for very dark times and it is a slight comfort to come upon rational thought such as yours.

I have little to add except that exercise has limited impact on weight. Your kids are out of shape because their parents or more likely, their single mother is feeding them garbage. This is definitely a real post. You can tell because of all the times he sites black people from that neighborhood talking about how grateful they are for the police involvement in their lives.

Why is that? How do you explain despite the deep callousness that people like me obviously feel for the suffering of black people that black people vote for the same ideological interests that I do? You of course have no answer to this obvious hole in your stupid theory about my callousness. The simple truth is this, there is a party who has no interest in investing in black neighborhoods to deal with problems in them.

But thanks for writing the heartfelt, deeply concerned post above about that details so well that despite people with my politics actually being able to win the votes of black people, we have no interest in them and in fact want to see them dead in the street to magically increase our political power. Is it like basketball where the further the gun shot that killed the black man came from, the higher the political points that are scored by liberals? The AA police fatality rate calculated solely by population numbers is as deceiving as the univariate analysis used to assess the gender pay gap.

The poverty and historical disenfranchisement of blacks in America are certainly lingering and relevant. Wave a magic wand over the US and erase racism though, what other problems would remain? Considering those problems, would racism in any current non legitimized form be among the top 10 of those problems? Psychologically, maybe. Statistically speaking in terms of life expectancy, crime rates, health outcomes…probably not. A review of every person shot by police in June judge for yourself.

Donut Operator is indeed a great resource for understanding the police perspective. His YouTube channel is an effective antidote to the false narratives that are so commonly spread in social media. Some of the police in these videos seem to have the patience of saints. I recently watched two talks on the St. They both made some very valid points, but the most interesting concession was by George L. To begin with pro-active policing was never intended to be run in association with zero-tolerance in any way, shape or form, but rather as a particular tactic within a broader strategy of community policing.

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It is supposed to use police intervention techniques, working with partners within communities, social workers and metal health professional, to prevent crime and ultimately reduce it through the mechanism of diversion. He noticed that violence outbreaks behaved in ways very similar to those of the disease outbreaks he had been studying in the developing world.

In Scotland this dual approach to proactive policing paired with local government partners and community resourcing, took Glasgow from being the Knife Crime Capital of Europe, to all of Scotland having the lowest incidence of violent crime in the whole of Europe, as the successful approach was rolled out throughout Scotland. It should be noted that police still lock up violent offenders, sexual predators and persistent property criminals.

But the key difference is this approach prevents crime by diverting minor offenders, before they escalate into becoming more serious criminals. Apart from anything else, the targeted use of police, dissuades offenders from committing more serious crimes, because increasing the risk of getting caught has been proven to deter criminals far more effectively than longer sentences- presumably because it disabuses them of the assumption that they are smarter than the police and will never get caught.

It also frees up much needed prison space, for dangerous criminals to serve longer sentences.

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo | Seal Press

A Texas politician summed it up as dividing offenders into those you are scared of, or just plain mad at. But with recent developments in the US and UK, all this is under threat. And of course, with the advent of social media and phone-based cameras providing an extremely prejudicial, not to mention falsely anecdotal, view of policing dismantling proven policing techniques is again on the agenda. Now, there are problems with policing, for sure. The fact that so many officers report headaches and back pain, is a clear indicator of the underlying physiological stresses officers they are under, and is neither conducive to empathy, nor rational decision-making in life-threatening situations.

If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say

George L. Because with the wrong approach, based on zero-tolerance and a punitive approach to policing communities, pro-active policing can not only alienate the community, but also, as Victor Rios claims, push young men further into criminality. But the bulk of the criticisms of pro-active policing are fundamentally misplaced. Because it is prosecutors that decide charges and judges that set sentences, enforcing sentencing requirements set down by legislators.

Two things need to happen to fix broken windows. First, the original prescription needs to be rediscovered in places that it has been lost. Second, the partners need to be restored to the equation, because no police officer wants to be a social worker, become a makeshift psychiatric nurse or run diversion programs that should be a part of the community, as the situation demands. In a recent example of how pro-active policing can work in detail, a major American city recently compiled a list of the homeless people with the greatest contact with police and arrested them all- crime from the homeless dropped to a tiny fraction of what it was.

Good comments. The reporting on the Freddie Gray case has been beyond stilted and irresponsible. The cops were all charged. They got a bench trial, tried individually. A black judge threw out the first three, iirc, and the city dropped the other three. I suspect there are a lot of them. In the 12 toy weapon cases, offices were not dealing with obvious toys.

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How does having a gun mean you should be shot? When you shoot a kid with a toy gun without ever seeing him actually shoot it or be a threat, you show timidity that suggests you should not be a police officer. I would agree that a child carrying, say, an obvious water pistol should not be at risk of being shot. But what if an adult is carrying an imitation firearm and holding it in his hand when confronted by an officer? Impulse control deficiencies are correlated with violence and the instinct to flee instead of complying with police orders.

Go figure. Unfortunately for them, their own evidence painted a dramatically different tale. From The Counted database from The Guardian, we find that police kill 6. By the numbers: whites, blacks. Blacks get killed by cops at a rate 2.

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