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Scary Walk Along Gorges du Durnand in Martigny Switzerland

All Naturalpes items are produced within the bounds of Swiss law. However, in order to comply with European standards, Naturalpes offers specially designed flowers with a THC content of less than 0. Take advantage of our offers and stay up to date! Current Promotions. Rated 4. New crop. Best sellers. If you can see a copy of the Swiss T series map T covers Martigny it will have the hiking routes marked in red.


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If the line is solid red Wanderweg there should be no problems. If it is a dashed red line, this is a bergweg and might prove more challenging.

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I only have an old non T series map that does not help. Stanfords in London should have a copy of T. RuediG Member. You can look at and printout the official Swiss topographical map. You can also select under Open Menu and print the section you are interested in with a scale of , or , In the Menu you'll also find a Maps Displayed option. You can choose to display the official hiking trails. I haven't walked this section, and I haven't looked at the official VF route, but from looking at these maps and if you are comfortable reading a map there are plenty of safe alternative routes over the mountain from Martigny to Sembrancher.

You don't have to choose the route that is questionable. For example, for the section above Les Trappistes, you can choose to go over the steep rocks and scree, or you can go along the solid black line trail. Swiss Geoportal geo. Last edited: Aug 6, RuediG said:. Thank you for pointing out the Swiss Geoportal. However the red wlking routes do not distinguish between the Wanderwegs and Bergwegs. The wanderwegs should have no safety issues. On the ground wanderwegs have plain yellow signposts.

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Bergwegs have red and white markers. Kelly Ann Member.

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I reached the Martigny-Sembrancher 'dilemma' at the beginning of May. I have a balance disorder not a fear of heights which hugely impacts my walking where any kind of path with a drop-off, a narrow path, rock-hopping, tree roots, stream fording, etc is involved. I elected to take the train even knowing Alison Raju's guidebook description was out of date. I was glad I did as I saw winter damage along that section. The guidebook stated no problems from Sembrancher but that was not the case for me. Also the path was narrow with drop-offs in places which made the going very challenging for my circumstances.

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If none of the above are issues, timr 's advice is always rock solid. Happy trails! Kelly Ann Welcome to the forum. Sigeric was the Archbishop of Canterbury when he walked from Canterbury to Rome and back. There are a number of pre- extensions and people walk for example from London - either from St Paul's or Southwark Cathedral. Other people start from Winchester once the capital and there is a waymarked path from there to Canterbury.

Other people walk from their front door, or perhaps from another pilgrimage site, like Iona. But as I said, the classical way as described is from Canterbury, and there is a 0km marker stone there! Kelly Ann said:. Thank you, Timr. Thank you so much for explaining. I'm curious as I hope to do a longer Camino. So I know where St Paul's is sounds like you got to walk on the road from there but you say there's a waymarked path from Winchester?

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That's very good to know! Perhaps the most well-known of Or does it start in London and if so, where in London? Is there a trail or does one walk on the road from London? Hi Corinne, greetings from Taipei, Taiwan! Dan Villarreal here. Thanks Dan! But when that fails inevitably! But somehow it seems to work out.