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It is a traditional South African tart that is very easy to prepare. Best Bobotie. This South African original is similar to meatloaf, but so much better. A slightly sweet curry flavors ground beef with a milk and egg custard on top.

South African Food & Recipes

It's delicious! By trixie. Milk Tart. The sugary crust dough is pressed into the pie tin and baked. The sweet, milky thick custard filling is then poured into the baked shell, sprinkled with cinnamon and chilled. Makes two lovely pies. Zimbabwean Chicken and Vegetable Soup. This hearty and delicious soup combines a wonderful variety of vegetables with peanut butter, chicken, and a few red pepper flakes for unexpected flavors and just the right amount of kick. By mary.


Beef Curry Soup. Cubes of beef are simmered with potatoes and onions in a curry powder seasoned beef broth in this South African recipe. Chutney Chicken. Cut the sweetness of prepared chutney with packaged onion soup in this quick chicken bake. By Sharon Plett.

Traditional South African Food and Recipes to Make Them

South African Yellow Rice. This is a traditional South African recipe, which comes from the great culinary tradition of the Cape Malays -- originally brought in as slaves in the 17th century. It's easy and plain, but great with meats like venison, corned beef tongue or any meat with gravy. Also usually served with Bobotie: There is a good recipe by Caryn on this site.

Chocolate Fondue L'Afrique. Enjoy this easy-to-make, elegant chocolate dessert fondue starring South Africa's famous butterscotch-flavored Amarula liqueur that's distilled from the fruit of the amarula or 'elephant tree. By calkevin Tomato Bredie. This lamb dish is a traditional South African meal, and is good winter fare. Bredie is an old Cape name for a dish of meat and vegetables stewed together so that the flavors intermingle. Curry Beef Soup. A chunky beef stew with potatoes in a flavorful curry and beef broth. Pumpkin puree is baked with eggs, milk, and flour creating an East African pumpkin casserole or souffle perfect as a side dish.

Try an updated version of the classic dish at Skotnes Restaurant.

Top 10 foods to try in South Africa

Spiced predominantly with coriander and containing a mix of beef and pork, the sausage comes in a big coil, which sizzles pleasantly when you turn it over with tongs on the braai. They include it in most of their breakfasts and have even been known to pop it into a quiche. These grilled sandwiches are ever-present at many home braais. You can put anything between two slices of bread, pop it on the grill, and call it a braaibroodjie, but they usually contain some combo of cheese, onion and tomato.

This is the quintessential South African way of eating, where friends gather sociably around an open fire and cooking is done over the coals.

Cape crusaders: the best South African cabernet sauvignons | Fiona Beckett on wine

That, for me, is where the real flavour lies. Commonly made with lamb and waterblommetjies an edible flower found in our dams and marshes or beef and tomato, bredie is a slow-cooked comforting stew. For chef and blogger Jody Theodore, cabbage bredie was a favourite of his childhood. Durban is the place to try it. This traditional Cape Malay dish, reportedly one of the oldest South African recipes, is a sweet-and-sour slow-cooked stew flavoured with spices and tamarind. This giant filled roll is another street-food masterpiece.

This legendary stacked foot-long sandwich is meant for sharing and is filled to bursting with slap chips chunky, soft fries usually doused in vinegar , masala steak, egg, Russian sausage and sometimes polony or a vienna accompanied by atchar or peri peri. It originated in the Cape Flats in the s as an economical meal. You can even try a vegan version at Lekker Vegan.

These deep-fried dough treats either take the form of a crunchy braided dessert soaked in syrup koeksisters , of Afrikaans heritage or a pillowy spiced snack rolled in coconut koesisters , of Cape Malay heritage. Both are irresistibly delicious. This classic is often compared to the bunny chow — understandably so, since it also comprises bread hollowed out and filled again. However, its contents are what distinguishes the kota named after it being made with a quarter loaf of bread from its Durban cousin: the soft loaf is crammed with a combination of, among other ingredients, atchar, polony, slap chips, cheese, eggs and Russian sausage.

Pale, smooth and topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon, milk tart is a soothing tea-time treat. Enjoyed everywhere across the globe from France to China, stewed tripe is also a beloved comfort food on the southern tip of Africa. Mabele is also very versatile and can be played around with like quinoa and arborio rice. Made from coarse ground maize cooked with water, pap is a staple for many South Africans.

Not sure what to cook?

You can have it quite fluid as a porridge, or more dry, balled up and dipped in sous a chunky tomato-and-onion sauce , with chakalaka a spicy chunky fruity salsa or with your meaty stew. In a more modern take, Afro-boer in The Willows serves pap in wedges with fried eggs and boerewors.

ypaxubypelyv.tk Not the most stylish dessert, but still one of the most popular in South Africa. This no-cook pudding sports layers of biscuits, whipped cream, caramel treat and Peppermint Crisp chocolate bars. Named for the small three-legged pot it cooks in, potjiekos refers to a stew of sorts made up of meat and a mix of hardy vegetables. Traditionally, a potjie is cooked slowly in the heart of a fire, so the best cuts of meat for this include lamb neck or shank and ox tail.

It can be served with nearly any side, but the best vehicles for mopping up all those juices are plain white rice and a slice of bread with a thick layer of butter. They do a venison one plus a three-bean one featuring sugar beans, black-eyed beans and red kidney beans. A post shared by underthechinook on Jun 18, at am PDT.

Making South African Food - Bobotie - GLAC

A tasty species of mackerel that populates the seas around South Africa, snoek can be tricky to eat due to all its fine bones, but the flavour is the reward. Equally as good is a parcel from Lusitania in the City Bowl. This simple starchy dish pairs samp unhusked maize with beans to make a filling and nutritious side dish. Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine, writer and digital director of Livity Africa, says this dish of pap with fermented milk is one her favourite foods from childhood.

My mother made and still makes it best. Want to delve deeper into South African food?

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