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4 Reasons Not To Kill Yourself (Read This First)

Login via Institution. In this paper, drawing on notions, such as harmful cultural practices and beauty, and based on semi-structured interviews with young female university students in Iran, perceptions and experiences on beauty practices and cosmetic surgery are studied. We show how despite existing criticism of the gendered aspects of beauty practices among Iranian women who practice them, they are still practiced on a large scale.

In contemporary Iran, the female body as a contested space for expression of social capital is under influence by the globalized beauty standards that predominantly rely on Western beauty ideals.

This article explores beauty practices and positions them in the religious and political discourses of body and corporality in contemporary Iran. This empirical study reveal that despite the popularity of particular practices in Iran, especially nose jobs, beauty is not perceived as a common good but as a necessary evil by young Iranian women. We discuss how beauty is perceived, articulated, practiced and potentially resisted by young women in Iran.

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Iranian students barred from US: lost money, broken dreams, no answers

Close this message. Providers called around and there were no inpatient psychiatric hospital beds available for his age. I was very afraid for us. My first thought was to stay in a hotel until I could implement stronger safety measures at home. Providers consider Isaiah as a complex case.

He has diagnoses of autism, ADHD and anxiety. His strengths are also sometimes a barrier, especially when people only spend a few minutes with him. I just wonder how providers could discharge us without a safety plan in place. Unfortunately, that is all they know to do in this system of care.

The system is failing families like mine. Services include Applied Behavioral Analysis ABA therapy for Isaiah and Family Support Training for me, 12 hours each week; Family Directed Respite dollars to pay for someone to give me a break, but we're still searching for a provider; medication clinic, which gives us an opportunity to meet with a psychiatrist or mid-level provider to assess and modify his medications; and an Outpatient Therapist who Isaiah meets with weekly.

At one point, Intensive Crisis Services checked in daily by phone after an ER trip, but that service stops after 30 days. All of these services were put together and are monitored by our Integrated Services supports coordinator. It still is not enough. As I worked to gain more intensive services for Isaiah in May, news came out that a 9-year-old boy near Sturgis had killed his mother, Pauline Randol, one day before his scheduled appointment with a mental health clinic.

News reports said that the mother had shared with doctors that she was afraid she was raising the next serial killer. I remember sharing similar sentiments about Isaiah during a Strengthening Families training I attended in I had seen glimpses of it, but the intensity and frequency truly increased. That is where they leave us. If my child had cancer, there would be a clear action plan and resources.

If he had a broken arm, they would be a clear action plan and resources. But when it comes to mental health, everything is muddled and resources are difficult to access without a lot of hoops.

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Not only that, but funding and resources are very limited in scope and are not always responsive to a patient's needs. That lack of responsiveness costs each of us. Living in a hotel was getting expensive, and I was relying on generous individuals to help pay, not any mental health agency. I was fortunate that I could lean on my village and put out an Amazon Wish List of things we needed to return home safely.

My situation was urgent but there were no local resources to pull from.

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  • We need funds to help families implement safety plans so they can feel secure at home. During his first trip to the hospital for agitated behavior, he received an injection of a commonly used sedative that gave him a dystonic reaction. He woke up barely able to move, walk or talk because his muscles had contracted. It was like he was frozen in his own body, resigned to involuntary spasms. Thankfully, he recovered physically, but the behavior challenges have persisted. He ran away from home a few times — getting as far along as Stadium Drive where 4 plus lanes of traffic are going 45 miles per house.

    Don’t tell my mother if they kill me #3

    He told me, "I want to die, I want to die" and ran faster as I got closer. But if I don't call and something bad happens, I'd be blasted as a negligent parent. In all of the brokenness that I feel in dealing with this, I am pushing because there has to be a better solution for my child. Medical professionals in an inpatient setting would be able to safely wean him off of his medications, monitor for complications, and capture a baseline for his behavior that would inform his treatment moving forward.

    Anytime we go out, I have to wonder — are there knives out? Is the yard fenced in?

    DON'T TELL MY MOTHER IF THEY KILL ME, by Angel Dominguez - The Wanderer

    Is it easy to move others out of the way if his behavior escalates? I never rest because I have to stay so many steps ahead, keep the home environment safe and stay on top of a long list of social workers and clinicians who are often overworked, underpaid and working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Isaiah was supposed to be placed on the waitlist in May for the only state psychiatric hospital for children his age. Integrated Services of Kalamazoo is the only agency is the county that can submit referrals there.