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We believe that everyone is meant for greatness; that your history does not determine your destiny. Your destiny is determined by your willingness to face yourself and push past your comfort zone. We need your gifts, your talents, and your abilities…and we need them now. I also have been doing the allowing process daily, which has been super helpful because I have a tendency to suppress my emotions.

I am so so so grateful to you and Alexi Panos for what you created for us that weekend and the Vibe hotel…I literally got my vibe back. Growing strength in dismantling the wall of insecurity, anxiety, and fear between my heart and yours. Because my new life, is going to cost me my old one.

The power of transforming language! There are dozens of testimonials on this page, proving that your way of being and your entire life can be radically different with just a 2 day workshop. Keep living your life half-cocked. Keep going at half-speed. The risk is dying with your dance still in you. Those who are willing to risk it all put themselves in a position to gain it all. Everything you want is outside of where you have been. You can choose to go for it and come out the other side, more aligned, more powerful, and more at peace with who you are. What choice will you make?

I was 26 when my life dramatically shifted. I was working with my non-profit, E. C, and we were digging a well in this remote village in Tanzania called Mangalali. I remember a woman came up to my friend and I, and she was exuding gratitude for what we were doing. And instantly, I felt resentment toward my friend who was able to access her emotions so readily. Later that night, I got curious about my reaction and it was then that I discovered that I had built up so many walls that I had cut off all feeling. When I was 25 years old, I was diagnosed with a stress-related heart condition.

I had spent my life up to that point working myself to death, trying to make it as an actor. I constantly felt angry. I constantly felt like my entire being was under pressure. I constantly felt stressed, like my soul had no room to breathe. When I received the news about my heart condition, I thought my life was over. I had never been so scared and so angry in my entire life.

In that moment, I had a choice: make a change and figure out the stress and food thing, or take pills until I died. A few weeks later, I was living with my then-girlfriend, and her mom gave me a book. And in that moment, I completely lost it and had the biggest breakdown of my life. As I began to release all this pent-up anger and frustration and sadness and hurt, I felt something very strange: spaciousness.

For the first time in my life, I felt like I could take a full, deep breath without feeling like there were iron bars squeezing my chest. I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life mastering myself and teaching others what I was learning. I now had a responsibility and mission to share this with the world. The Bridge Experience is held over a full Saturday and a full Sunday. Saturday starts sharp at 8am and ends roughly around 10pm.

Living Successfully and Joyfully Every Day: 90 Days of Inspiration

Sunday starts at 9am and ends at pm. Participants are encouraged to invite friends and family to a short graduation ceremony starting promptly at 7pm and going until approximately pm on Sunday evening. Graduation is required. You will have a 30 min break every hours, with a 90 minute dinner break scheduled around the half day point.

These workshops are an experiential learning process in a highly interactive environment.

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Your mind, body and soul will be engaged in the work of discovery, transformation in action, and cellular redesign. The interactive structure of the room includes a series of life-altering processes including: transformative distinctions, creative interactions, challenges that induce cellular learning and personalized coaching which will stretch and expand old limitations.

The Bridge Experience creates a space where you are able to recognize opportunities to choose different ways of thinking and acting, that will empower you to live the life you want to live. You are presented with ways in which to play with the possibilities that are available to you based on your creation. You will be trained on how to create a life based on your deepest values, commitments, and intentions. Secure your seat on the tickets page. Because we like to keep The Bridge Experience intimate, we must strictly limit the amount of seats available in each city.

We put our hearts and souls into this training, and planning for The Bridge Experience is no exception. Due to the extensive pre-planning that is involved, tickets are non-refundable, but transferable to a later scheduled event or online program. This means you are able to use the ticket price towards another event held online or in person by The Bridge.

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You are also able to transfer the ticket to another person as well, just let our support team know prior to start date so we can prepare properly. They have learned and trained under the expertise of some of the pioneers in the Transformation Movement, and continue to sharpen their skills as participants in some of the most rigorous trainings around the globe. Our workshop is intense. If you can stay at a nearby hotel or with a friend that would be ideal. Bring all of yourself. Your courage, your strength, your humility, your willingness.

Also, bring snacks that you will be able to access on the breaks. Bring money for your 90 minute dinner break, and a refillable water bottle. Ladies, we recommend that you not wear skirts, as there is a lot of movement involved. Bring comfortable shoes or socks to wear in the workshop. Dress in layers so you can prepare for fluctuations in temperature. You will be required to dress up a bit for your Graduation, so please plan accordingly.

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We recommend dressing as if you are planning to go out to a nice restaurant. This means no alcohol, drugs of any kind, as well as cigarettes.

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You are expected to show up with a beginners mindset. Transforming your life is an incredible undertaking, and we believe it should be celebrated! Because of the intensive nature of our learning environment, you must be at least 18 years old to participate. We do not permit children in the workshop as we go through some pretty intense activities. Saturday starts sharp at 9am and ends roughly around 10pm. Sunday starts at 9am and ends around 8pm. While we will absolutely push you to the edges of your comfort zone, your safety will not be put in danger. Ask us anything Name.

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90 Days to Transform Your Life - Live Online Daily Inspiration

Imagine what it would feel like to have a romantic relationship so full of love and connection that you never feel distant from your partner…. Imagine being able to call up your Mom, Dad, brother, sister, cousin…and have a truly deep conversation where you both feel seen, heard, loved, and understood…. Imagine asking for what you really want at work, in your relationship, out in every day life…and getting it because you have rock-solid confidence in yourself. And imagine what it would be like to feel in flow, relaxed, and not only able to cope with stress…but to actually have a solution for it.