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Richar- d Rice. A very good scenery for a much needed airport. Initially faced issues with the airport but was quickly met with good customer care and got the issue resolved! I recommend :. Great visuals, good systems and sounds. First few updates fixed a lot of little bugs.

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Great for fun little hops. I own this helicopter now some years.

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The realism and therefore the difficulty to fly isn't at max level, but that's an advantage if you want to do a quick discover of a new bought scenery. In combination with the exorbitant sight of the nearly full glass cabin: just enter the heli and fly around your new airport.

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Show your friends the new landscape scenery around your hometown without long preparation. A- nd: learning the basics of heli flying in a Dodosim is nearly impossible, learning it in this Bell is funny.

Regardi- ng the low price, it's a valuable tool. El escenario me parece bien trabajado aunque se podria haber piesto las torretar de iluminacion de la cabecera Por lo demas, buen escenario. I had this model in FSX when it first came out and ran great over the years.

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For some uses, this model may run fine but it is dated and you may run into the same issue I am having. Buyer beware. Amazing work!

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Special thanks for the elaboration of the terminal, it is nice to just walk around the airport. Guys, thank you for your work! ZUSI 3. This website works best with JavaScript switched on. Please enable JavaScript. The minimum core vocabulary lists are primarily intended as a guide for teachers to assist in the planning of schemes of work. Vocabulary listed under a particular theme should be considered transferable, as appropriate, to the other themes.

The following is a guide to the sort of rubrics and instructions which will be used in Section B of the Listening and Reading exams.

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The list is indicative, not exclusive. The following is a guide to the sort of rubrics and instructions which will be used in the Writing exam. Students will be expected to use and understand the general vocabulary listed below. This vocabulary is not restricted to specific settings and can occur in any of the themes listed in the specification. Students are expected to know the cardinal numbers 0—1, and the word for 1,, Million, die. AQA is not responsible for the content of external sites.

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Beantworte die beiden Teile der Frage. Answer both parts of the question. Beantworte die Fragen auf Deutsch. Answer the questions in German. Beantworte diese Fragen. Answer these questions. Complete the following gap-text with one word for each gap from the list below. Complete the table in German.

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Es ist welche Person? Which person is it? Write the name in the box. Gib zwei Details. Give two details. Write the correct letter in the box. Write R , if the statement is correct, F , if the statement is false and NT , if the statement is not mentioned.