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This is exclusive content for subscribers only. If you are already a subscriber, please be sure you are logged in to your nybooks. You may also need to link your website account to your subscription, which you can do here. Roman aus der ersten Eisenzeit. The Death-callers of Halodin. Randah, la fille aux cheveux rouges. Romans, Mijade 20 janvier ISBN: Je m'appelle Randah, ce qui signifie fille aux cheveux rouges. Parfois, des hordes envahissent notre territoire et la sauvagerie s'empare des guerriers. Aderca, Felix []. Along the Great River's Valley. Cutezatorii, Bucharest.

Eleven Pleasures of Translating

Editura Tineretului. Adkin, James Harry Knight [—]. The Woman-Stealers: tales of the house of the otter. Aidans, Edouard []. Tounga appeared in "Tintin". Created by Edouard Aidans, this man of stone lives in the tribe of the Ghmours with Nooun the lame, the beautiful Ohama, and his tame tiger Aramh, at a time when the savage life was not very auspicious to the development of any embryo of civilization. Aldiss, Brian Wilson [].

Neanderthal Planet. New York. Un pizzico di Neandertal. Galassia , Piacenza. Casa Editrice La Tribuna. Alexandre, Robert. Coeurs sensibles s'abstenir Tiguir, c'est l'impatience et la force. Allain, Marcel []. Les Vainqueurs de la mort. The Conquerors of Death. Two young men and a girl discover a strange subterranean race: a real prehistoric tribe, rather agressive. Allan, Margaret pseudonym for W. The Mammoth Stone. ISBN: pbk.

French Literature

The People of the Mammoth have wandered the world for thousands of years, surviving starvation and predators, fleeing the ever encroaching ice, following the mammoth herds for life and sustenance. It is now 18, BC, in North America, and they arrive at the place of prophecy, where a girl is born with the mark of the Great Mother, and the time of their wandering is at an end. Maya is treated as an outcast by all but Magic, the shaman, and Berry, the elder who takes the role of her mother.

Scorned even by her own father, she is most hated by the demented Ghost, who longs for her death and that of Magic, and the time when he alone will wield power. Tricked into losing the Mammoth Stone talisman, Maya unwittingly causes Magic's death, and with Ghost's ascendency, the near devastation of the people.

As Maya flees bloody and mindless, searching for her own death, she is found by the People of the Bison, and takes up a new life, having lost all memory of her previous one. But a final great confrontation is forced between the two peoples, and the power of the Mammoth Stone is put to the test. Keeper of the Stone. A beautiful outcast woman in a passionate epic of prehistoric America--the sequel to The Mammoth Stone.

Prehistoric Fiction : Bibliography

The legend of the powers of the mammoth stone continues with the torrid ostracizing of Maya, the Shaman and keeper of the stone. An intensely dramatic and highly erotic story set in the prehistoric American Southwest. The Last Mammoth. The People of the Mammoth had reached the edge of doom.

The Great Maya had left the world of the living. The sacred Mammoth Stone had shattered. No longer did the People have safe have in the fertile Green Valley. But only the Shaman Gotha knew how close they were to extinction.

M83 - Un Nouveau Soleil (audio)

And even he did not know that their sole hope lay in the youth Rising Sun, as yet unaware of his divine birthright and sacred mission Together these two, and the apprentice, Moon Face, had to journey to the ends of the world Spirits Walking Woman. Onyx Books.

Thousands of years ago, at the dawn of history, a young girl grows to womanhood in a land torn by greed, brutality and war. She is Spirits Walking Woman, worshipped by her people and possessed of the divine gift of prophecy that sets her apart. Now, as the mate of a mighty warrior king, she is expected to take her place in the vast empire he ruthlessly rules. But another fate calls to Spirits Walking Woman. It is a destiny that will take her far from the intrigues of the royal court and the dangerous plotting of a woman bound to her by blood Sister of the Sky.

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Twenty-five thousand years ago, in the land that would one day be known as Mexico, a woman's destiny was harsh and uncertain, her life at the mercy of brutal Gods and customs. But the young and resourceful Green Eyes Blue was blessed with a special gift — the mysterious eyes of a Goddess — and her fate would prove to be as extraordinary as her beauty. In a forest near her native village, she discovers a sacred jade knife while hunting game, but is kidnapped by bandits and taken away to be sold into slavery.

Using the knife in a struggle to free herself, Green Eyes Blue badly injures the most savage of the bandits. He is a fierce enemy whose wrath she can never hope to escape — even after she is sold to Lord Golden Hand and carried off to the capital city of Tollan. There, as wife and mother, she must forge a new life — and fight for her kingdom and her home. For the enemies of her past, the worshippers of the Dark Gods, are trying to steal away her only chance for happiness. A destiny that, only through the strength and will of her own heart, will shine forever.

Roger MacBride Allen's home page is at www. Allen, Roger MacBride []. Orphan of Creation: contact with the human past. Baen Books, dist. A black anthropologists finds evidence of australopithecines in the US while studying slavery. On the day after tomorrow, on a backwoods farm in Mississippi, a paleontologist unearths the bones of a creature that could never have lived in that time or place.

The incredible find brings its discoverers to the deepest forests of western Africa, and face to face with a miracle older than Man. Von nun an ist es mit der beschaulichen Feiertagsruhe vorbei. Almqvist, Bertil []. The Stone Age Kids. Staling-Bilderbuch Nr. La Famille Mironton. Macmillan Co. London, Sidgwick and Jackson, La Familia Milenios. Editorial Juventud. Ames, Gerald and Rose Wyler.

follow site The First People in the World. London: Blackie, Imagine a band of people wandering through strange country in search of food. Speech is still new to them and their vocabulary is about that of a 3 year old child today. But they are human beings who can think, plan, laugh and cry. They are far removed from the animals around them. The wonderful story of man's growth and development is presented here in a brilliant and lively panorama. The glorious, light-filled pictures and the clear simplicity of the words give the reader a sensitive and scientific portrayal of the life of early man.

Amplaing, Max d' pseudonym for J. Zingh l'homme des cavernes. Zing the Caveman. Andaloussy, Haytam. Editions L'Harmattan 11 janvier Anderson, Mary []. A Son of Noah.

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Digby, Long. But the Flood will soon clear the air. Anderson, Poul William [].

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The Long Remembering.