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Workshop , Sustainable development , AI. Workshop , Data , Design , AI. Technology , AI. Technology , Workshop , AI. AI , Companies. AI , Trends.

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Workshop , Sustainable development , Creativity. Workshop , Creativity , AI. Business model , Strategy , Key challenge , AI. Data , Design , Data protection , Creativity , Key challenge.

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Panels , MTL Instant. Technology , Data , Strategy , Key challenge , Trends. Workshop , Creativity , Architecture , Digital Transformation. Innovation , Creativity , Key challenge. Data , Design , Innovation , Business model , Creativity. Data , Design , Creativity , AI.

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Data , Strategy , Mobility , Key challenge. Mobility , Key challenge , Instant. Workshop , Data , Innovation , Mobility , Key challenge. Mobility , Instant. Data , Design , Mobility , Architecture , Cross pollination. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow all the news about Montreal Digital Spring and connect: Digital Week. All rights reserved. Web agency Vortex Solution. An event by. Get your tickets now!

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Schedule Type : Company visits. This space is dedicated to business meetings and co-working. Lieu : Level 2. This is the perfect time to plan a networking lunch if desired.

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Type : Cocktails and VIP events. Type : Conferences. Lieu : Academy. In French. What does ecoresponsibility means to your field of expertise? Join us and come up with a ideas impacting the health and digital realms. This dynamic workshop will walk you through a creative process, enabling the creation of projects and ideas—those with most the potential will be later shared with the Montreal community.

The workshop will begin with a brief summary of the main issues on sustainable development involving the health sector. The Plan brings to light concrete actions to integrate in your organization. Type : Workshops. Use of data in healthcare, ethical issues, and governance of data repositories created from patient care. In English. What faith can we place in the outcomes AI yields? People are beginning to fear the potential harms arising from the uses of AI: the potential for bias and algorithmic discrimination must be addressed by examining the underlying ethical issues involved.

Algorithmic Transparency is needed to avoid tyranny of the algorithms. Should medical treatments be adapted to genetic profile? What are the ethical and legal stakes? The debate is on. Type : Panels.