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Snoop Dogg: Our 1997 Interview

They started around midnight and finished around 5 a. But for now, the possibilities seem endless. For him to be following us and putting us on his Instagram, doing the videos, I think that will take us to another level as far as people getting to know our music outside of D.

Unlike record labels that have come shopping for go-go bands and then messed up their sound, Snoop gets go-go. Either style can have tremendous potential, adds Hammond.

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Snoop Dogg -- He's Now a White Guy Named Todd

The claim was that Harris lied about her weed experience to curry favor with the black community. Had the critics bothered to watch her entire Breakfast Club interview, they would have seen just how foolish these assumptions were.

WC - The Streets ft. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg

But then again, since Harris announced her decision to run for president, the attacks on her blackness have only seemed to gain momentum. Why would it change now? Day, the moment should have been touching and significant. Instead, there was a bubbling sentiment that Harris was, again, doing that only to suck up to African Americans. Forget about her personal connection to Howard, or how a black woman running for president extends the legacy of the civil-rights movement. It has been repeated as fact so often that Harris is now forced to explain her ethnic background.

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He faced the same inane, pointless questions about his mixed-race identity as Harris. Just like Obama, Harris has exposed narrow-minded views of blackness with her presidential run. Harris is a multiracial woman who was born in Oakland, went to high school in Montreal, and worshipped with both Hindus and Baptists.

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If the criterion for running for president is being authentically American, people have to accept that this is what that looks like. Some folks have a limited vision of who we are as black people. We want to hear what you think about this article.