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I was thrilled by the try-anything energy of Athens. The tedium of small-town Southern life and a university far too gripped by football fever to satisfy its most interesting students created a place in which, if you had any imagination at all, you had to create your own good times.

The Athens crowd did that with impressive flair, and music became their primary outlet. One acknowledgment of that distance was the way other Athens bands invariably—and somewhat condescendingly—referred to R. If you knew your rock history, you could instantly identify R. The audience would climb onstage with the band as the show would rock to a close, everyone smiling and drenched with sweat.

From the first, R.

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The campy, self-reflexive fun of the Athens scene could be delightful, but at times it also seemed to suggest that it was uncool to care about things. Why not just dance the mess around? It seemed as if he was ardently pursuing some truth that was deeper than mere sense, more emotional than literal, more sensual than verbal, more associative than specific, more evanescent than solid, fully as much yours as his.

Equally important, R. The single also won R. Records, a large, independent label based in Los Angeles.

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But I. Then, as now, R. They often seemed open to just about anything—but they were almost obsessively determined never to have to do anything they felt uncomfortable doing. This attitude resulted from a characteristic, if somewhat contradictory, combination of insecurity and confidence. We want the power of our lives in our own hands. But we have to do it our way. That arrangement ensures that songwriting royalties—a crucial source of income for bands—are split equally, preventing friction in the band over money.

Feeling Gravitys Pull Lyrics

We each have equal say and input when we bring songs into the studio. Everything is a total compromise between the four of us. It has to be all four in one direction.

R.E.M. - Feeling Gravitys Pull

If one person really thinks that something is wrong and is passionate about it, even if we think he is wrong, we agree with him. Much as the band eventually grew bored with the metaphor, dreams do provide the best analogue for the emotional effect of R. In dreams the overall atmosphere colors every specific detail, and no detail is less significant than any other—a shirt is as important as the sky, a shape is as important as a word. At the time, it was all but unthinkable that a band like R.

In addition to staving off corporate interference, making records cheaply gave R. All those frequent visits to small towns, college towns and big cities really paid off in the long run. In December of and January of , R.

"Feeling Gravitys Pull" lyrics

Stipe would record his vocals in a secluded room off the main studio, sometimes while lying down, sometimes in the nude, to achieve the sense of overwhelming intimacy and vulnerability hinted at but ultimately denied by his lyrics. In short, there was an assumption of complete aesthetic and personal freedom, the ability of interesting, creative people to do whatever they wanted.

Still, it does seem evident that R.

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In many ways the band was experiencing the worst of both worlds at this time. The ultra-hip backlash against the group first began to be articulated around this time.

To be denounced, however unjustifiably, as sell-outs then had to have been painful, even though the band would likely never admit it. To make matters worse, despite that criticism, R. The unevenness of their popularity became more glaring at this point, as well. In some cities they could fill 5,seat theaters; in others they could barely fill clubs. In Europe, outside of England and France, they were still virtually unknown. On tour R.

https://senjouin-renshu.com/wp-content/2/283-como-rastrear.php Amid all this, Stipe also maintained the remarkably introspective quality of his writing. The character in the song is more capable of engaging his feelings about a person than the actual person—the farther away someone is, the easier it is to conjure a loving image. Distance breeds desire; nearness breeds detachment. For their next album R. Millions of people were killed. Beautiful nature, countryside and towns were damaged by bombs and chemical weapons. A lot of people had to escape from violence and hunger.

This was the time were a lot of people dreamt of another world. The Dadaists changed the style of art as protest look at Wikipedia. Petersburg overthrew the Tsar and took the power on their own and in nearly all European countries new left-winged anti-capitalist movements emerged. The majority of the European people did realize that capitalism and ruthless greed was the reason for this war and they wanted something else.

There were a lot of uprisings and capitalism was nearly on the edge. In my opinion Michael Stipe expresses the conflict between 'the sky' emerging anti-capitalist movements dreaming of another world and 'the gravity' those who wanted to reinstall the old order of profit and exploitation. General Comment My comment above may seem a little bit far fetched because I have unvoluntarily omitted some details.

Now I'm trying to work out concrete evidences for my thesis. One important thing was already said : It must be something about history "Fables of the Reconstruction" and he mentions "Man Ray" who was a dedicated Dadaist. The main Dadaist movement existed in the dark years until the Mid-Twenties of the 20th century. I think that this is the time we shall look at and Man Ray moved to Europe in that time to find a continent that was shook by the most brutal war ever seen before and where there were still revolutionary activities against capitalism.

However, one already said, that the last paragraph of the song is played in a very dark mood. Let's look at the text at that part : Let me transform the sentence " Holding the sky in their arms" to an own version : " Maybe "peel back the mountains peel back the sky" might mean to save the "mountains" whatever it means and the "sky" from gravity. To pull it away from gravity. Since the time around were revolutionary years I think that "gravity" means the old system and the only system that still pulled back anything was not monarchism but capitalism.

Thus I think that the hope the sky inside this song is a world free of capitalism and war. General Comment I have the strange feeling that you try everything to avoid any detailed analysis of the R. You always use the same argument : "Don't try to see any deeper meaning" Why did they compose those songs with encrypted texts then?

Why did they put so much feelings into most of their songs? Just because they don't mean anything? I guess you want to tell me that they are not political as well, right? Why does he allude to "Man Ray"? Were his pictures and attitudes so unpolitical? Why does he use such a heavy sound in the strophe and why such an optimistic sound in the chorus? I think that this is the key to the content of the song.

If it was just about some harmless dream, why didn't he use only optimistic themes? Your comment doesn't answer my questions. That's why I still stick to my interpretation in the comments above.

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