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This letter was written after the decisive battle of Gravelines. At the battle the English navy and the Spanish armada both had the same number of ships, but the England navy's ships had better quality and were better armed.

Spanish Armada

This letter will help our website because it is a primary source and it is a letter directly written by Sir francis Drake stating his leadership and the events that occurred in the battle. Hawkins, John. Letter to Francis Walsingham. July National Archives. This letter was written by John Hawkins to Francis Walsingham. It explains the events that occurred during the Spanish Armada and how Sir Francis Drake was able to lead the navy. This letter is important in our website because we have a full first person view of the battle and the legacy that it left.

Howard, Lord. This letter was written by Lord Howard of Effingham, one of the admirals of the English fleet during the Spanish Armada battle, it describes the news of the Spanish Armada being spotted. Also, it describes how the Armada is very strong and powerful. This source will be used in the website to provide information bout how the battle started.

This letter, written by a Spanish Captain, explains the Armada's side of the story. This letter lets us know what Spain was thinking. This source will be used in the website to let reader know the Armada's account of events. Letter to English Government.

Spanish Armada

This letter describes the progress of the Spanish Armada, in which the turning battle has not yet occurred. The ships were filled with soldiers, the fleet contained ships, and the departure dates of the different ships that left. This allowed the English Government, in accordance with Drake and Effingham, to devise a plan to meet them at Gravelines. This letter will help in the tab, Turning the War.

This article tells about the Spanish Armada's defeat by the English Navy. This set many of their ships on fire. The ships sailed away disorganized, and were ambushed by the English and defeated. Francis Drake contributed a lot to the defeat of the Spanish Armada and the exploration of the New World. Adams, Robert. Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Gilder Lehrman Institute of. American History, This article is about the Spanish Armada and what happened to it. The armada was sent to England om May 30, , to England. They entered the English Channel on July 30th.

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Meanwhile, the English prepared a counterforce of ships to combat the armada. The battle that destroyed the Spanish Armada and sent the survivors away was called the Battle of Gravelines.

The Library of Samuel Pepys

The English fleet was led by Sir Francis Drake. This source will be usefull because it tells why the spanish made the armada and how it was defeated. Alamy, John Baran. Telegraph Media Group, 31 July This picture shows the Royal Navy far after the Battle of the Spanish armada. This explains how the Navy was able to flourish and win many battles after the battle against the Spanish Armada, seeing as they have just triumphed in the battle of Trafalgar. Alchin, Linda K.

Drakes Speech Leading Victory to The English at the spanish armada

Linda K. Siteseen Ltd, 16 May This website helps create the legacy that the Spanish Armada left on the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy was able to expand its reaches into the different parts of the world such as India, Africa, etc. The web site also include an in depth detail of the Royal Navy including the number of ships in the navy, they commanders of the navy, and the types of ships that the Royal Navy used.

BBC, ed. BBC History. BBC, 11 May This source is a secondary source. It is about the life of Sir Francis Drake and his career as a privateer. This article tells where he was born and when he was born.

Some reflections on Early Modern printed title-pages - R. W. McConchie

He was born in Tavistock, Devon around He had left for the seas at a young age. When he was around 27, he went on a voyage to bring African slaves to work in the new world. This source was helpful because it tells Francis Drake's life story, how he became a privateer, his many pillages of Spanish ships and cities, and his victory in saving England from the Spanish Armada. British Battles. Chalfont Web Design, This is a very useful source.

In Drake's Wake

It lists lots of things relating to the Spanish Armada. It has lots of pictures of generals and kings and authorities. The British Library Board. The British Library Board, June The armada was built by the Spanish to invade England. In , Phillip II had the armada built to invade them. The armada was led by the Duke of Parma. This marked the rise of the English Navy. Elizabeth Files, This image will be used to help readers understand how the Spanish Armada fought battles and how Sir Francis Drake was able to defeat them.

Blogger, n. This photo shows the pursuit of the Spanish Armada by the English Fleet. After the Battle of Gravelines, the Spanish Armada were heavily wounded , and needed great attention to be able to survive.

On the way back to Spain they were hammered by the English, and then they were heavily killed by diseases. This picture will help in our website to show an image of Spain falling back. This website will be used for background, it provides useful information on how the war began and on Sir Francis Drake. Wikipedia, n. In the Treaty of Saragossa of , a new line of demarcation in the Pacific split the control of lands in this region between Spain and Portugal. The response of European nations excluded from colonial and imperial expansion, valuable natural resources, and trading opportunities, was to both plunder and seek ways to break the monopoly through actual and textual activities.

More precisely, at the end of the sixteenth century England was attempting to increase and announce its presence within a global economy through a marked uptick in actual overseas activities, and by announcing and consolidating, as well as inspiring further achievement, through the dissemination of written accounts of exploration. Versions of the voyages printed by Hakluyt are the focus here. In this article, I explore the ways a sea captain implicitly or explicitly claims undisputed power, but also how these claims are simultaneously debated and contested, as well as why these particular issues emerged in such an insistent way at the end of the sixteenth century.

On a ship named the England , Queen Elizabeth captains from the stern. Queen Elizabeth on board the England. Illustration by Emily J. No known copyright restrictions. Rarely are arguments resolved amicably: instead, there are numerous descriptions of fierce debate, desertion, mutiny, execution, violence, and even murder. This was a remarkable shift, turning on its head the established seafaring custom that masters should consult the elite officers at sea.