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Against a darkening background of famine, disease and war, a new power is rising in the great steppes of the East. With a million horsemen at his back, the ultimate warrior king approaches, and his sights are set on Rome… The next instalment in the multi award-winning PC series that combines turn-based strategy with real-time tactics, Alle Reviews:.

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Die Welt wird brennen. Visuelle Detailverliebtheit Verbesserungen und Optimierungen an der Darstellung sowohl der Kampagne als auch von Schlachten erzeugen eine schaurige Perspektive auf die drohende Apokalypse und das Ende der zivilisierten Welt.

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The young bird of prey belongs to the race of golden eagles and can be up to 40 years and older. After that peace treaty was concluded in , the Huns returned to the Great Hungarian Plain. Roman sources are hazy about what happened there over the next several years, but it seems clear that at some point Attila decided to challenge Bleda for sole power over the empire.

The Huns stormed through the Balkans and into Greece, and the Romans finally managed to stop them at Thermopylae, after which the Huns and Romans negotiated another complicated treaty with even harsher terms for the Romans. In the spring of , Honoria, the ambitious sister of Valentian III, emperor of Western Rome, sent Attila a ring and asked him to help her get out of the impending marriage to a Roman aristocrat her brother was forcing on her.

He claimed her as his newest bride, and half the Western Empire as her dowry.

He eventually relented, allowing her to marry the boring Roman aristocrat after all. As they moved through the countryside, leaving slaughter and devastation in their wake, the Romans commanded by General Flavius Aetius, previously on good terms with Attila formed an alliance with King Theodoric I of the Visigoths.


The combined Roman-Goth army confronted Attila in the decisive Battle of Catalaunian Plains, finally defeating the great Hun leader in one of the bloodiest conflicts in history. Theodoric was killed in the clash, while Attila withdrew his forces and subsequently retired from Gaul.


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Never one to be easily discouraged, he would invade Italy the following year. Attila himself, Priscus observed, was served separately. Even while pursuing his claim on Honoria, he decided to take yet another wife, a beautiful young woman named Ildico.

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They married in , just as Attila was preparing another attack on the Eastern Roman Empire and its new emperor, Marcian. The next morning, after the king failed to appear, his guards broke down the door of the bridal chamber and found Attila dead, with a weeping, hysterical Ildico at his bedside.