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Mark Gibbings-Jones. Disneyland Dream archive.

Hardened by fake news, we distrust any meme exploiting childhood innocence. All of which makes Disneyland Dream wildly disarming. Dad Robbins was an early home video enthusiast and decided to film the process, from creating their entries to their subsequent victory and vacation. He creates simple in-camera effects that capture his intoxicating sense of wonder. He films every member of the family reading the congratulatory letter, then falling down in theatrical slo-mo. In the park, mum Meg shakes open a folded bag and pulls out hamburgers and milk for everyone. Laura Snapes.

Nearby, the Angulo brothers had been kept under virtual house arrest for 14 years by their father, living entirely within the glow of the movies that came through their TV. Goodfellas, Batman, Taxi Driver: the boys staged note-perfect reproductions of the classics to while away the hours, inadvertantly revealing how imagination can triumph over the most dismal isolation. Gavin Haynes. Essentially a real-life version of US drama Friday Night Lights , the doc follows a team of underdogs in a no-mark Mississippi town, transformed by a bullish coach and academic advisor into a national championship winning, win-streak hotshot of a team — and a last resort for those hoping to graduate to the NFL.

Kate Solomon. Ripper Street Amazon Prime You might be wronger than you were about jellied eels when it comes to Ripper Street, the BBC crime saga cancelled after two seasons and then rescued by Amazon. Human life crams the thoroughfares, bringing stories of horror, survival, redemption and regret.

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Here, every word crackles with meaning, encapsulating the hope and despair of the life that clings to its flagstones. No man or woman is an island and though the moral pendulum swings wildly, all must answer to a higher power in the end. Incredible guest performances from David Threlfall, Jonas Armstrong and Joseph Mawle add texture to the already dense tapestry, and several episodes are true works of art.

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For me, it has always stood out for its truly remarkable writing and the kind of dialogue no other British drama has come near since; every sentence a meticulous, filigreed spoonful. In later series, add to that the rousing performance of Lydia Wilson as music hall proprietress Mimi Morton and you have a Victorian A-Team of sorts, delivering justice by their own means. The men fight demons but the women do not simper nearby.

They run businesses and commit murders and have as much agency as the male counterparts. I defy you to find another period drama that evens the gender scales so admirably. If you crave poetry and invention with your crime capers, five seasons await. Julia Raeside.

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Riley Keough is sensational as Christine, a law student who is drawn into a lucrative sideline: a type of escorting where she fakes a relationship with the client. The show explores power, money and misogyny via the sad millionaires who hire Christine. But our focus is her emergence as a shark-eyed sociopath, bent on revenge against … the patriarchy? Pitiless capitalism? Her own past? Set in a dystopian future, it finds the vast majority of the populace living in squalor, but at the age of 20, young people take part in a series of tests which could allow them access to a utopian paradise called the Offshore.

Weighed heavy with other film and literary touchstones from The Hunger Games to Lord of the Flies, candidates are sent to a futuristic desert facility to commence the rigorous, dangerous process.

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What it lacks in production dollars it makes up for in the compulsive viewing stakes. Leaders emerge, alliances form and a resistance movement plots revolution. With help from a rotating cast of acting aristocracy, the League of Gentlemen duo have spent three series battering down the divisions between comedy, horror and drama.

However, one episode towers above the rest: the Sheridan Smith -starring 12 Days of Christine is one of the most profoundly evocative half-hours of TV ever made. Rachel Aroesti. It stars Shiri Appleby as mentally unstable producer Rachel, trapped in a mutually destructive working relationship with exec producer Quinn Constance Zimmer who is basically molten lava in female form. Her current focus is a piece on trans people in her local area — not in a Jerry Springer-style sensationalist way, as her bigoted friend suggests — but through a thoroughly reported, warm and relatable narrative which positions trans people as visible members of society rather than a spectral other.

We collectively wince as Allie asks the sort of clunky, blunt questions about sexual orientation that a cisgendered person would never get asked. Allie generally gets it wrong while attempting to do right, and the small budget show manages to tell a nuanced story in short, seven minute-long episodes. Aside from ploughing through a barrage of hearty subjects seamlessly, the series also manages to remain light and full of savvy humour.

Overall, Her Story is a series so nourishing and skillfully woven that the YouTube comments overflow with thankful and abundant praise. Through her journalism, Allie befriends Violet, who transitioned to a woman. Running parallel to this relationship is the story of high-powered attorney Paige, who falls for a bison-like hunk.

It's a good true crime doc for anyone who might need a reminder that there's crime on both sides of the law. One of the most infamous murder cases in Iceland is re-visited in Out of Thin Air. The disappearance of two men in led to the vilification of a group of young people, two of whom had been involved in a previous embezzling scheme, per The Hollywood Reporter. They confessed and were sent to jail, only for those confessions to come under scrutiny years later.

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  4. Have you ever watched a true crime doc and thought, 'This would be way better with Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo'? If so, David Fincher's Zodiac , about the famous Zodiac killer who terrorized the Bay Area in '60s and '70s, is for you. Unfortunately, the movie was made before Ted Cruz became pop culture's favorite Zodiac killer suspect. Shadow of Truth takes viewers on a deep dive into the murder of Tair Rada, an Israeli teenager, and the questions surrounding the guilt of the man prosecuted for the crime.

    The four episode series takes viewers on a journey through the crime, a suspect, a trial, conspiracy theories, and, finally, a secret confession.

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    You'd be forgiven if you thought Murder Mountain was a documentary about a literal mountain of murderers, but it's actually about the weed business. The marijuana business in Humbolt County, California, has been booming, but along with it has come a record number of missing people. The documentary focuses on Garret Rodriguez a year-old who went to Humbolt to make money and never came back, and a local sheriff's office that doesn't seem all that motivated to solve the case.

    Convicted murderer Arthur Shawcross, also known as the "Genesee River Killer," opens up about his crimes in Interview with a Serial Killer , which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. If you ever wanted to watch a cold blooded killer reflect on his crimes, now's your chance. If you love true crime stories that don't have a clear explanation or end, then The Investigator is what you want to watch.

    ABC's anthology series, American Crime , tackled a different crime every season, taking a look at the victims, the perpetrators, the family members, and the justice system to provide a comprehensive look at the real, human cost of crime in America. Natascha Kampusch was 10 years old when she was abducted by Wolfgang Priklopil, a year-old man in Vienna.

    She was held prisoner for over eight years before she managed to escape, and now owns the house in which she was held captive, as reported by The Telegraph. Priklopil was found dead after Kampusch's escape, but many details of the case remain a mystery, with some believing his accomplice is still at large, according to UK's Independent. Each episode of Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer focuses on a different killer, and all the subjects operated in different places and countries around the world. A shorter period of time would also reduce the likelihood of abuse of the rule by limiting its application to acknowledged and obvious errors in sentencing.

    The authority to correct a sentence under this subdivision is intended to be very narrow and to extend only to those cases in which an obvious error or mistake has occurred in the sentence, that is, errors which would almost certainly result in a remand of the case to the trial court for further action under Rule 35 a. The subdivision is not intended to afford the court the opportunity to reconsider the application or interpretation of the sentencing guidelines or for the court simply to change its mind about the appropriateness of the sentence.

    Nor should it be used to reopen issues previously resolved at the sentencing hearing through the exercise of the court's discretion with regard to the application of the sentencing guidelines. Furthermore, the Committee did not intend that the rule relax any requirement that the parties state all objections to a sentence at or before the sentencing hearing.

    See, e. Jones , F. The subdivision does not provide for any formalized method of bringing the error to the attention of the court and recognizes that the court could sua sponte make the correction. Although the amendment does not expressly address the issue of advance notice to the parties or whether the defendant should be present in court for resentencing, the Committee contemplates that the court will act in accordance with Rules 32 and 43 with regard to any corrections in the sentence.

    Cook, supra court erred in correcting sentence sua sponte in absence of defendant with United States v. Rico, supra court heard arguments on request by government to correct sentence. The Committee contemplates that the court would enter an order correcting the sentence and that such order must be entered within the seven 7 day period so that the appellate process if a timely appeal is taken may proceed without delay and without jurisdictional confusion.

    The Gift of a Second Chance

    Rule 35 c provides an efficient and prompt method for correcting obvious technical errors that are called to the court's attention immediately after sentencing. But the addition of this subdivision is not intended to preclude a defendant from obtaining statutory relief from a plainly illegal sentence. The Committee's assumption is that a defendant detained pursuant to such a sentence could seek relief under 28 U. The Committee considered, but rejected, a proposal from the Federal Courts Study Committee to permit modification of a sentence, within days of sentencing, based upon new factual information not known to the defendant at the time of sentencing.

    Unlike the proposed subdivision c which addresses obvious technical mistakes, the ability of the defendant and perhaps the government to come forward with new evidence would be a significant step toward returning Rule 35 to its former state.

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    The Committee believed that such a change would inject into Rule 35 a degree of postsentencing discretion which would raise doubts about the finality of determinate sentencing that Congress attempted to resolve by eliminating former Rule 35 a. It would also tend to confuse the jurisdiction of the courts of appeals in those cases in which a timely appeal is taken with respect to the sentence. Finally, the Committee was not persuaded by the available evidence that a problem of sufficient magnitude existed at this time which would warrant such an amendment. The amendment to Rule 35 b is intended to fill a gap in current practice.

    In addition, a defendant who provides substantial assistance after the sentence has been imposed may receive a reduction of the sentence if the Government files a motion under Rule 35 b. Drown , F. Speed , 53 F. The amendment to Rule 35 b is designed to fill that need. Thus, the amendment permits the court to consider, in determining the substantiality of post-sentencing assistance, the defendant's pre-sentencing assistance, irrespective of whether that assistance, standing alone, was substantial.

    The amendment, however, is not intended to provide a double benefit to the defendant. Thus, if the defendant has already received a reduction of sentence under U. The Committee incorporated the Style Subcommittee's suggested changes.