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It shows you how a poem written by Bernard Mandeville inspired Adam Smith. Adam Smith's theory shines light on the consequences of industrialization.

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You will learn what the consequences are of the Division of Labour. Classical Sociological Theory.

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A Tree for Max: A Fable by Jerry Halberstadt

Session 2: Bernard Mandeville and Adam Smith Taught By. Bart van Heerikhuizen Dr. Specifically, after your first attempt to remove the sword, you must upgrade physique by five, health by two, and toughness by three. And if planned out right, can be gained almost immediately apon entry.

Fable III has "huge decision" at start

The best way to achieve this, is to spend 0 points on the 'Physical' section until you arrive at Witchwood. Which ofcourse makes the game a lot harder, but well worth the challenge. When you arrive at the Temple of Avo in Witchwood, try to pull the Sword from the stone. You will fail.

2 MAX'S - FABLE 2008 (Violins Space Mix)

But the people around you will remark about different abilities that you need. To Summarize: Physique - You need some more 'fresh air and exercise'.

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Health - You better come back when you're more fit. Toughness - You're not tough enough.

Fable: Coin Golf

As for the shooting contest, this is unlocked after the 'Siege of Knothole Glade' mission and is incredibly easy if you have a decent bow speed upgraded. You can completely upgrade all your abilities, undo them and get back your XP, try pulling the sword, then re-upgrade.

Makes the game easier up to that point. Came back with might fully maxd out having purchased the only remaining upgrade and it let me pull the sword.