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Another good one is Runsa fornborg about 55 minutes from the city center with public transportation. There are also two castles in the vicinity within walking distance, Rosersberg Castle and Runsa Castle. Probably not what you were looking for though as these are not, as said, located in the city center.

In Gamla Stan even! There is one runestone behind Karlberg castle, this have also been moved a kilometer or so when they built Karolinska hospital the old one. I suppose most runestones have been moved at some point so we could say this is the closes one to Stockholm "still standing".

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If you visit Uppsala theres a collection of runestones just outside the cathedral. Historic museum in Stockholm have a collection of rune stones and is of course the best place to learn about vikings. Vikingliv www. The hillforts mentioned by Aderam makes great goals for a long walk on a fine day. Thanks a lot, everybody! I will attempt to visit the rune in Gamla Stan already saw it on Google Street View : and also the one in the forest behind the Karlberg Palace. I was in Uppsala and Gamla Uppsala and somehow missed the runes haha.

I don't mean to be rude, but I am a bit curious. How did you manage to visit Uppsala without seeing any runestones? By commuter train station Ulriksdal. Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Are there any runes in Stockholm?

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Most games that have first and third person views use a different set of animations for first person and often a different player model as well. The few games that use a unified animation set between first and third person like ARMA and more recently SC tend to find it really difficult to make animations that look and feel good from both perspectives and they also have to deal with other issues like managing view stabilisation which our brains take care of in the real world without us realising.

In multiplayer, 3rd person gives an inherent advantage to corner, hill and all other sorts of camping i. This encourages camping to an extreme degree as it has no counterplay. In melee games, it is much less severe, maybe even forgivable but a 3rd person shooter that tries to be competitive is just a hilarious and flawed concept with players leaving their camping spot only when they see an enemy with his back turned to them or are too afraid to move anywhere, because they might be seen by another person who is doing the same thing.

Remember the Jedi Knight games? They had a to me perfect solution, while using firearms it was default 1st person, but there was an option you could activate so it initially switched to 3rd person once you pulled your lightsabre. Ok the spear is a tricky one then, maybe there should be a key to switch the view manually depending if you want to throw your spear or use it as melee-weapon.

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And yet some games pull 1st person melee off. It will have drawbacks if you play that way compared to 3rd person, but I absolutely want to choose when to use 1st or 3rd person. But for Rune…..

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So HH……. Was it more difficult? Was it fun? Hell yes! Seeing a throwing axe spinning towards your face half a second before it hits and kills you never got old. Hmmm i never realy played in 1st person view on the old Rune… so.. Hi there!

Thanks for asking. Main Menu. Oh yeah…. Very bad. October 19, at pm December 8, at pm October 20, at am Doomed Space Marine.

Unique Viking runes discovered in Denmark

Both would be nice but definitely not required. October 26, at pm October 27, at am Mike Kidney. December 6, at am And I absolutely love to play melee games that allow it in 1st person. December 6, at pm December 7, at pm Sure why not? Exactly what I said further up this thread! I just care about having fun in a game.

December 11, at pm Zaphirs Aesir. December 12, at pm